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Christmas is coming up and there are only a few inevitabilities at this festive time: the Christmas dinner will be delicious, festive cheer will be rife and retail shops will most certainly decorate their interiors.

With that in mind, here are the best retail Christmas decorations that we think EVERY retail shop should be using to spread their festive cheer.

Decorate with Tinsel

Tinsel is a lot like marmite; you either love it, or you hate it. We here at Reflex think that there is no other decoration that is more traditional than the shiny, furry ribbon. Despite clean up being a bit of a hassle, there is nothing that screams Christmas to customers more than a tinsel-lined shop.

Window Christmas Stickers

Slowly becoming a trend are Christmas stickers in the window. Certainly more popular in smaller communal shops as opposed to the larger supermarket chains, window stickers are a lot more subtle yet when picked up on really reinforce the yuletide season. From snowflakes to Santa himself, get instantly festive with Christmas stickers.

Christmas Coloured Paper Chains

Paper chains are super easy to make and fun to do! From cylinders to figures holding hands to snowflakes, if you can do them, you can hang these from the ceiling in Christmas colours and begin the seasonal joy! These can also be personalised to what you would like your shop to reflect your customers at this special time, so if you want to give a message to your customers, nothing could be more personal!

Christmas Fairy Lights

Lights are most commonly used around the house as stores are usually well lit all of the time. However, adding in some multi-coloured lights bring a special feel to the shop that everyone associates Christmas with. It also varies from the normal store lighting which emphasises how special the time of year is.

A Fake White Christmas

Some stores use fake snow to pile in the corner of their windows to recreate the white Christmas that we all secretly dream of. Usually just made of polymer, this snow is an excellent decoration that makes Winter more than just the season of Christmas.

Get in Touch for Christmas Stickers

At Reflex Print Store we know that Christmas is a busy period for your store; so why not bring the festive cheer with our Christmas stickers? Call us on 01892 752 885 or email us at for more information!

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