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Ordering and Artwork guide

Artwork requirements and Information

If you need any guidance in preparing your files for us to print from we have two artwork guides below.

One is for standard printing and the other for lenticular printing.

If you follow these guides and have any more questions, the information below has some answers to FAQ.

Download our artwork guides using the links below:

Reflex Print Store Artwork Guide
Reflex Print Store Lenticular Artwork Guide

Clear Materials and Whites Inks

When printing on to clear materials we often print with white ink. The white ink is used as an opaque base to reduce transparency. If no white ink is printed, coloured areas will appear translucent, similar to a stained glass window.

There are two options for printing white ink: ‘Overall white’ or ‘Selective white'.

"Overall White", as the name implies, is a solid white block across the whole area of print. This is used when printing in reverse for most window stickers.

"Selective white" is designed to fit to specific areas or as part of a design. It can give clear borders or print logos and text in white only.

Being able to print white ink onto a clear material can add a different and unique way to make a simple sticker stand out.

Please indicate which option of white your sticker will need when ordering. If a select white is needed this will need to be supplied as a spot colour or separate layer.

Adhesives and Right or Wrong Reading Printing

When printing on to clear vinyl we can print right reading or in reverse (a mirror image of the sticker). Window stickers need to print in reverse. The adhesive allows you to stick to the window and the sticker can be read from the outside. We will need to know what is required before we commence printing.

If you are unsure please contact us and we can advise you.

Clear vinyl has a few options for the strength of adhesive required. Permanent adhesive or Removable. These different adhesions will depend on what the final product or use will be.

We can also produce an ultra removable adhesive sticker. This vinyl is not stocked so we would need to produce you a bespoke price. If this is required please get in touch for the cost.

How to order your products

When ordering your products simply add in the quantity and size you require. Then upload your artwork and you will be directed to the
payment page.

When you have added your products to the basket please indicate overall or select white and right or reverse reading. Some products will not require this detail.

If the quantity, size, shape, or adhesion type is not present please contact us using one of the methods below.

Please get in touch

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us please use the details below.

Fill in the form below
Call us on: 01892 752 885
or Email us at:

And one of our staff will be in touch ASAP.

Ordering and Artwork guide