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Plastic Menu Printers • Branded Menus for your Business • Durable Menus printed to a recyclable material • Light Fast Inks that last •

Durable Plastic Menus

Our plastic printed menus are durable and long lasting. Perfect for all environments including indoors, outdoors, summer, winter, casual cafe’s or restaurants; our plastic menus are ideal, whatever the situation. We understand that high quality is needed to ensure a long-lasting product which is why we can guarantee that our product is perfect for your business.

Plastic Menu Details

There are certain aspects we expect when we order plastic menus for your business; we expect them to be waterproof, easy to clean, free standing with a corporate branded finish. Our menus tick all of the above boxes and more. When we say these are durable plastic menus, we really mean it.

The size of our plastic menus are as follows:

4-page format: 295mm x 264mm

6-page format: 295mm x 390mm

Our plastic menus are also 100% your design. The design you submit to us will be transferred onto your plastic menu. The product images you see are not the final products you will be purchasing.

You will need to upload your design so that we are able to make your plastic menu bespoke to your business. If you need any help setting up the artwork please contact us.

Our product prices exclude taxes but include shipping in the UK. All taxes are calculated at the checkout.

If you also need some ‘Mouse mats’, please Buy Here!

Plastic Menus from Reflex on Vimeo.

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