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The development of technology has seen a significant decline in tactile, materialised methods of outreach and networking. With the evolution of social media, researching a lead has never been easier. However, business cards are still very much in fashion despite the technology-driven society we live in.

Here are 6 reasons why business cards are still useful:

  1. It is Unique

That’s right, gone are the days where everyone is carrying around a business card; nowadays, if you have a business card, you will stand out. It makes you different from the rest of the field. It also provides an essence of professionalism, which, if you are looking for a job or networking, will no doubt make you more memorable.

  1. You can tailor them to you

The amazing thing about business cards is that they can provide a practical use if that is how you want it. You can tailor and personalise your business card to what best reflects you and/or your business. At the end of the day, everyone’s phone does the same thing; reflect your business in the best way possible.

  1. Some leads may not be as technically savvy

There is a common assumption that everyone can use smart technology. But there are a lot of traditional business owners that stick to more traditional ways of maintaining contacts, not everyone is a Millenial. If you were to hand them a phone to put their contact details in, they may not be comfortable using it. Providing them with a business card not only takes the pressure off of exchanging details instantly but also gives the receiver time to go back to their office and contact you on their own accord.

  1. Personal business cards show that you are professional

If you have business cards for a personal motive as oppose to representing your business, it shows that you are professional; you’ve taken the time to purchase or print all of your contact details onto one card. If you have cards for yourself, it is vital that you customise them to give yourself that further professional look.

  1. Provides easy goals

What we mean by this is, if you go to an event on your company’s behalf, you could have a goal to hand 25 business cards to potential leads in order to network. Tactile cards are certainly a lot easier to track than more names into a saturated contacts list.

  1. Contact details

Related to earlier points of contact, if you leave an excellent first impression on a lead at an event, the conversation will end there if you don’t provide contact details instantly. A business card has all of the important contact information in one place. You can include other information such as social media accounts. More points of contact means more interaction!

H2> Business Cards are still Important

As you can see, business cards are still very much needed in the today’s society. You can pick up individual and unique business cards at Reflex Printstore. We understand that business cards need to be long lasting and high quality. Our clear plastic business cards are perfect for those looking for exclusive business cards.

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6 Reasons Business Cards are still Useful

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