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What is Lenticular and Why Use it for Printing

Brief History

It may be surprising to most that Lenticular has been around for a considerable time. A concept that finds its root ideas linking back to the early development of stereo imagery in the 17th century.

The Lenticular printing process has been used since the early 1940's. However in the last 10 years there has been considerable technological gains and huge advancements in pre-press software and print & production techniques that have combined to simplify a once complex process that now sees the art of Lenticular within reach of a budget that was previously unavailable.

The Process

The process of printing Lenticular enables you to print to a Lens in a manner that can deliver images with the illusion of depth & form or the ability to change, move or morph when viewed from different angles.

The Facts

Lenticular gives the opportunity to make your product or message really stand out; it is 5 times more likely to get people's attention as opposed to a standard print. Not only this but it is proven that you are also 4 times more likely to remember the message.

All this can add up to as much as a 16% increase in your sales.

What is Lenticular?

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