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Digital Flip Lenticular

Eye Catching Lenticular • Innovative • Durable • Vibrant Colours

About our Digital Flip Lenticular

We can produce some amazing effects using a specialist printing technique called Lenticular printing! This allows us to create our digital flip lenticular products.

Using an extruded piece of clear plastic, we print an interlaced image to the reverse of the material to give some remarkable digital flip lenticular effects, read below for details.

These prices are for digital printing which means we can print up to a larger format, but we cannot print large volumes. If you need bigger quantities, please view our Offset Lenticular products.

The prices include cutting your product to bespoke shapes to follow product features, or to fit a specific area.

Uses for Digital Flip Lenticular

These innovative products can really give you the edge for a new marketing campaign or enable you to get a message across in a really eye catching way. We produce 3 kinds of effects through our lenticular printing:

Flip – 2 or more different images changing when moved in your hand or walking past the product.

Animation – Uses multiple images to create an animation or rolling image.

Morph – We take 2 images and make them morph into one another.

So there are lots of opportunities for you to get the most from your lenticular design.

Please follow this link to see artwork requirements and information on placing your order.

If you require something bespoke or different quantities than those stated, please contact us on 01892 752 885 or email us here

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