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Human instinct is to walk into a café or restaurant with some expectation of what is on offer and at what price, no-one likes unexpected surprises right? Especially ones involving the wallet. So how can a menu help you convert footfall into sittings and orders?

How a menu helps you make more sales;

Restaurants don’t just magically generate profit by opening their doors, it takes a myriad of strategies and marketing activities. A menu is a pinnacle item in these activities, why wouldn’t it be? It’s the first tangible item of your restaurants brand your customer comes into contact with. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s take a few steps back at the point your customer finds your eating establishment.

Walking along the pavement your customer see’s you’re A Board, mmm specials look nice and at prices we can afford, let’s take a look. Customer approaches the front of your building to inspect further, questions running through their minds; ‘is it full or busy?’, ‘what is the main menu like?’ and ‘where is the best seat?’, you know the score.

Enter customer, warm smile from staff, mmm food smells good. Seated. Handed the menu, cosy conspiracy settles in – the attention is off us now we can express what we really think or feel about this place. How are we going to make a decision, we’ve not tasted anything yet – the menu. How is it written, how does it feel, what does it look like, is it new or dog-eared?

Wow! Okay, so many emotions before your customer has even tasted your food or even ordered! Assuming your offering is not an issue, what else could trigger one of those so often seen surreptitious walk outs that newly seated parties do? The tatty, poorly designed menu.

So much hinges on emotions and impressions, not just the food or the décor of your establishment, don’t let yourself or your staff down – get the menu right.

Do Printed Menus Really Help Improve Profits for Restaurants and Cafes?

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