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Good question! There is no denying we all love stickers, we have done since we were kids, there is something delicious in being able to stick them on anything and personalise that object. The problem with being a kid and being let loose with stickers is you don’t really appreciate what’s an appropriate sticker for the surface you’ve got your eye on sticking it to. Sometimes mum doesn’t want a Tony the Tiger sticker on the washing machine and worse to discover it won’t come off without a razor blade and nail polish remover! Eek.

In my mind the best stickers are destined for a window, removable and 'repositionable' flexibility for home or car! The only question to answer is what do you want to say with your easy peel window sticker?

Designing a window sticker

As window stickers can be transparent or opaque front or rear facing you can really have some fun and design flexibility with this style of printing. You could be creating a sticker for your club or group that needs to face into the car reminding them of their membership details, or for an event so event staff know which car park or membership to direct you to.

Or, you can have fun and project your brand outward and into a space where that sticker is, be it shop, café, car or home.

But in short, a cling sticker is a removable window sticker for promotional or practical use. No sticky residue or mess.

What the Heck is a ‘Cling Sticker’?!

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