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When looking for the ultimate low cost but high-impact branding investment, drinks coasters often get overlooked. But should they? If you think about it, wherever you are in a business or event environment someone will be sitting down to a meeting, presentation or lunch – and what’s usually at such an occasion? Yup, jugs of water, tea or coffee or if you’re at one of those swanky trendy events you might be lucky and be handed a beer! Where do those drinks go? On an 'impactful' branded coaster of course!

Now you know why you should invest in branded coasters….

Let’s work out how to make the most of that investment. Our coasters aren’t the typical beer matt grade cardboard, nope, we use premium grade durable board – they scream quality, which is what your guests want to see right?

Coaster design possibilities

At 90cm’s standard diameter, why not be a little adventurous and experiment with your design – how much of the design will be on display when a drink is on the mat? Could this be an opportunity to add your key message to the outer rim of the coaster? Or if you opted for our square coasters, maybe they could act as a giant jig-saw puzzle where your guests need to collect them all to create the entire picture? What could be your messaging? Maybe a clue or a discount – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

We handle short runs and long runs for printing to coasters, why not give us a call for an informal chat about where a promotional coaster can take you and your brand!

Call our design team on 01892 752 885

Why your Business should Invest in Branded Coasters

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