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Business cards have come a long way since their creation in the 17th century. Gone are the days of simple designs and basic contact details; with businesses looking to gain the upper hand on their competition in every way possible, they have even resorted to making better business cards and who can blame them? If the technology is there to be used, why not use them?

With that in mind, here are some of the latest advancements in business card technology:

NFC Technology

You can now make your business card digital. Near-field communication (NFC) allows for communication with usually smartphones and triggers an action depending on its programing. This means that you can have a business card that opens your personal LinkedIn, or your company’s latest YouTube video. You can have the recipient visit your website instantly or like your Facebook page. The possibilities are endless.

See Through Cards

The power of printing has allowed for details to be printed onto clear plastic. This skill provides a unique business card that very few others will have. It will make people wonder and they will look at it for hours to figure out how you’ve done it. You can also create a cool background that it is also translucent to match the transparent theme of the card.

Lenticular Infinity Business Cards

Make the background of your business card go on forever, or at least appear to. Another unique technique that can make your business card different from your competitors. Whether it be space, a branded message or something as simple as your logo, the possibilities are endless with lenticular infinity business cards.

Cheese Grater

There is a business card that is a cheese grater. Do we need to say any more than that?

Tear Them, Stretch Them, Cut Them!

Business’ are becoming a lot more clever and realise that there is so much that can be done with a business card. Yes it is your business on a card and that is why it should be custom to you. A personal trainer has a business card you have to stretch so you can their details, divorce lawyers with seperable elements to the card, hair stylists that have their card turn into a paper face with their own customisable hair which you can do! The creativity is endless!

Get in Touch for Quality Business Cards

If you are looking for a business card that will make you stand out, talk to us at Reflex Print Store for see through and infinity background cards which are long lasting and durable. Call us on 01892 752885 or email us at

Clever Business Cards

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