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Digital Flip Lenticular

Eye Catching Lenticular • Innovative • Durable • Vibrant Colours...

From £517.00


Offset Lenticular Flips

Eye Catching Lenticular • Innovative • Durable • Vibrant Colours...

From £943.00

Lenticular Cards example

Lenticular Cards

Lenticular Cards • 5 x More Engaging • Printed both...

From £300.00

Lenticular Business Cards

Lenticular Business Cards

Lenticular Business Cards • Flip Images • Vibrant Colours...

From £977.00


Digital 3D Lenticular

3D Lenticular • Eye Catching • Durable • Vibrant Colours...

From £935.00


Offset 3D

3D Lenticular • Innovative • Eye-Catching • Durable • Vibrant...

From £1,473.00


Lenticular Infinity business cards

Eye-catching • Personalised • Affordable Prices • Vibrant Light Fast...

From £764.00

Lenticular Printing_

Lenticular Printing

What is Lenticular Printing?

We produce some amazing jobs using 3D or flip Lenticular Printing! read below for more information.

Lenticular printing is the process of printing an image on to a clear profiled plastic lens to give the illusion of motion or depth.

We can produce lenticular prints in a multitude of different effects.

  • 3D Lenticular is created by converting a 2D image into a 3D image, this process can be very difficult and takes a lot of skill manipulating the artwork.
  • Flip Lenticular is created by interlacing 2 different images together, When viewed at different angles one image appears and the other disappears. Flip Lenticular can also work with more than 2 Images.
  • You can create animations. Morph two images so they slowly move from one image to another, or print a zoom animation.

As you can see the opportunity to create some amazing effects are limitless with a great design.

We also have a multitude of different printing processes to offer you, both the best cost and the best printing quality.

As a basic guide, if you need small volume printing, we will produce them in the digital process and for higher volumes, we can print the lithographic process.

The sheer number of different effects and printing processes to choose from can be confusing.

If you need any help don't hesitate to contact us through our contact form or call us to discuss your project 01892 752 885.