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Lenticular Cards

Lenticular Cards • 5 x More Engaging • Printed both sides • Flip Lenticular •

About our Lenticular Cards

Printing Lenticular cards can be a tricky business, but we have over 30 years of experience. Producing some amazing and eye-catching designs.

Reflex print direct to the lens to give our customers the best possible quality.

We then mount board to the reverse and digitally print the reverse of the card. Resulting in a double-sided postcard style print

These products are to produce flip or animation effect. We can produce 3D lenticular but would need to quote on a job by job basis.

These prices are based on printing 1 design for the lenticular side and 1 design for the reverse.

If you require a different size or just something more bespoke from those stated, please contact us or call us on 01892 752 885.

Uses for your Lenticular Cards

Lenticular cards are a great way to grab attention, It is proved to be 5 x more likely to hold attention than some standard printing.

Lenticular is a great tool but not all artworks will work as well as others, please contact us to discuss your desired effect as soon as possible so we can advise you the do's and dont's when creating Lenticular.

Alternatively Please follow this link to see artwork requirements and information on placing your order.

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