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Offset 3D

3D Lenticular • Innovative • Eye-Catching • Durable • Vibrant Colours

About our Offset 3D Lenticular

Promoting your products in 3D can make your company stand out from your competition. Our cool 3D prints are durable and innovative.

Using specialist methods and software, we cut and create your images in 3D. We split out your artwork into a scene of different depths, then make a series of views that we print behind a special lens. When your image is viewed through this lens it appears to have real depth.

Uses for Offset 3D Lenticular

These innovative 3D products can really give you the edge for a new marketing campaign, or enable you to get your message across in a really unique way.

These prices are for offset printing which means we can print larger quantities but are limited to a max size of A2 (680mm x 480mm). If you need bigger sizes please view our digital Lenticular products.

The prices also include cutting your product to bespoke shapes to follow product features, or to fit a specific area.

Please follow this link to see artwork requirements and information on placing your order.

If you require something bespoke or different quantities than those stated, please contact us on 01892 752 885 or email us here

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