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We have been using this unique product for some time now and the material is now available in a sheet format for use on Litho and digital printing machines. Ultimately this will help us keep costs down for you the customer.

Adhesive Free

The material is an adhesive-free sticker that “grips” to smooth clean surfaces with a silicon adhesion layer making it removable without leaving any residue and is even repositionable multiple times.

12 months usage

It has a 12-month “grip” life on clean smooth surfaces and comes in both clear and white.  This offers you the customer a versatile material that has many uses such as retail advertising (e.g. freezers and fridges), store decoration and window displays ideal for promotional events and exhibitions.


If you are interested in this product please take a closer look at our White Stafix prices. Or you can contact us if you have any further questions?

Stafix Grip Stickers

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