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With budgets being cut, the pound still struggling and costs for materials and consumables going up quarterly in Europe, the marketing and procurement teams have their jobs cut out to meet budgets and still get promotions and new products seen in store.

Product placement and innovation helps sales

We think there needs to be more thought and innovation in the design and placement of what you are trying to sell or what message you are trying to deliver to potential customers.

For example, we produce bespoke merchandising strips for some of our customers. These are not new POS items but it has been proven that where they are being placed in store and how the product is being viewed that makes all the difference.

Bespoke Merchandising strips help sell products

We did a clip strip for a company that were selling chia seeds that people add to their breakfast yoghurt. Normal placement would be along with the nuts and seeds, away from the actual product that the customer was placed in their shopping basket. The marketing company asked for a bespoke merchandising strip so they could be added next to the yoghurts that people where buying and sales went up dramatically. This sounds simple but it really worked. Shoppers are impulsive and will pick up products or read marketing messages if they are placed correctly in store.

Contact us for your bespoke clip strips

We make a large amount of bespoke merchandising strips. They are normally created especially for each individual product so if this is something you might be interested in please get in contact.

Innovative ideas and thinking outside the box.

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