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Coffee shops are a great place to socialise, catch up with old friends and get that last bit of work done before your deadline so it is important that you reflect a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Focusing on customer experience can however, result in a lack of branded products throughout your shop.

Product Advertisers for Coffee Shops

To help increase your shop branding, invest in our digitally printed product advertisers. These are 100% your design meaning that branding couldn’t be easier. Place your product advertisers above the tip bowl, advertise your cake selections as well as other comestibles that you have available or use them as table numbers in order to organise your shop.

Benefits of Branding Shops

Without any constant branding throughout your shop, no matter how large or small, our brand won’t have an identity. Giving your customers something to visualise your brand with leaves a greater impression with them and they are more likely to spread the word about your brand.

Furthermore, you are able provide a more corporate side of your business as well. Having subtle branding throughout shows that you an established company that, whilst taking care of the customers, still has room to advertise selections of products that are available. Showing that you put the customers experience first above the opportunity for heavy branding will reside with them.

Contact Us for Coffee Shop Branding Today

If you are wanting to improve your coffee shop branding, contact us today to see how we can help you. Visit our product advertisers for more information on those and if you still have any questions, call us on 01892 752 885 or email us at

Coffee Shop Branding

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