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With Christmas on the horizon many retailers have plans in place for their festive window displays, many of these will include window stickers of varying designs. 

But why should window stickers for shops be just a seasonal occurrence? When fighting for custom on the high-street the window front is one of your strongest tools to attract shoppers. 

Let's explore the potential uses for shop window stickers;

January Sales - Post-Christmas buzz come the sales, these have somewhat diminished in recent years due to retailers struggling on the high-street due to the surge in digital sales. However, eye-catching sales stickers on your shop window can attract higher footfall during this popular shopping period. 

Valentines Day - Whatever you think about celebrating Valentines day everyone at some point feels the need to spend a little in the lead-up. Tailoring your window display for this period will pay dividends. 

Mothers Day - Another day which cannot be ignored and a great opportunity to turn your window panes into emotive gift giving images.

Easter - Traditionally one of the great family getaway periods where half the country embark upon mass migration to relatives. Decorum decree's taking a gift so reflect this on your window. 

Summer holidays - A time adored by children and dreaded by parents across the kingdom - use this as a time to promote activity and boredom busting treats.

Back to schoolA time adored by parents and dreaded by children across the kingdom - the truth is there will be a lot of new equipment, clothing, gear and kit bought in the lead-up to mid-September. 

Halloween and Guy Fawkes night - family favourite periods and a time when retailers have started to heavily focus on these two traditions whether you are selling vegetables or fireworks a magical display on your shop windows will increase footfall. 

Christmas - Where it all ends. Or does it? 

Now you can see how window stickers updated and designed for year round appeal can be easily incorporated into your retail marketing strategy. 

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Shop Window Stickers; Seasonal or all-round sales gold?

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