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We have produced many lenticular business cards for our customers over the years. Lenticular printing is printing onto a lens which allows you to view different images when moved. This is called a flip movement. You can have 2 or more images ‘flipping’ although we recommend a maximum of 3 images as the effect becomes too subtle. You can also achieve a 3D effect by printing multiple images behind the lens to create the illusion of depth. When producing any lenticular the design is paramount. There are many do's and don'ts when it comes to producing lenticulars. Please read our guide for further information.

We recently had an enquiry from a company that wanted a business card that was different from the norm and gave a real wow factor. The client had found our website and seen our lenticular products and thought this would give them the business card they had been searching for. Something unique, different which made them stand out from the crowd.

The artwork supplied by our client for their cards was perfect for a two flip card. The colours and shape were similar which results in the image changing particularly well. The only question was which direction should the image flip? Moving the card from left to right or from top to bottom. The lens only works in one direction and with a flip always works better with a top to bottom movement. The reason for this is that as humans we have stereoscopic vision (2 eyes!!) allowing us to see the world in 3D. However when viewing a lenticular flip the ideal way is to move the print with a top to bottom movement so your eyes are parallel to the lens direction. This means your eyes see one image at a time. We discussed this with our client and we decided this would be perfect for the business card. We produced a mock up to get their approval before going to press.

One potential problem that can occur when producing smaller items on Lenticular material is from the lens 'breaking' up small text or lines as the material isn’t smooth on both sides. The solution? We mount the lens to a board backing and print any information you might want on the reverse of the card. A double sided business card in effect. Take a look at the final product for our client. We think you will agree these are different, exclusive and a business card you’ll be able to talk about time and time again!
If you would like some of your own please take a look at our Lenticular Business card page for prices and details. Or get in contact for anything more bespoke.

Lenticular Business Cards

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