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Producing Large Format Lenticular Panels for Mcgregor Boyall.

Nicholas Eveleigh​, head of marketing at Mcgregor Boyall, contacted us wanting an advertising solution for their company which was more eye-catching and different than their normal posters. He wanted something to stand out for some advertising space which was situated in Canary Wharf. He had seen our website and wanted to see if it was possible to produce a large format lenticular panel which could show 2 different messages using the lenticular format.

We were sent provisional ideas to see if the designs would work for a large format lenticular. The artwork was simple but the message that needed to be advertised as good. We decided to opt for a dedicated flip lens, a 20lpi lens from America, to help with the movement from one image to another.

After further discussion, we found out these large-format lenticular panels were going to be mounted into a curved frame that was mounted to pillars. This meant that the material was going to be displayed curved which changed drastically how the large format lenticular works. Lenticular material is a series of lenses on a flat sheet. When you curve this material it warps and the image will not change from one to the other as it would normally do if the poster was flat. The solution was to replicate the finished curve and apply the correct calculations to the large format lenticular so that the messages flipped correctly.

The final hurdle of the large format lenticular we were producing were the panels they were being displayed in. These were illuminated at all times so conventional printing would look incorrect. Our solution was to print these panels with a double strength printing process which allows the image to look perfect when the illumination is turned on.

Take a look at the video below and the final result was very effective and eye-catching. Exactly what our client required.

Large format lenticular

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