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Plastic Tent Cards

Plastic Tent Cards • Printed on Recyclable Material • Custom Tent Cards • Vibrant Light Fast Inks that last •

About our Tent Cards

We produce our plastic tent cards on eco-friendly polypropylene plastic, We have 2 generic sizes, A6 portrait or A6 landscape. If you require something more bespoke, either in size or shape, we can accommodate this and we will submit another cost.

Uses for your Tent Cards

With our style design, you have 2 opportunities to sell a promotion, product or use them as signage for your business.

We see these signs used a lot in restaurants, bars, hotels, point of sale promotions at tills and checkouts. Please view the photos opposite for some ideas.

Other products you may be interested in are our product advertisers, These are great for attracting peoples attention to a product or promotions. Buy Them Here!

Please follow this link to see artwork requirements and information on placing your order.

If the quantity, size, or shape is unavailable please contact us on
01892 752 885 and we will submit a bespoke price.

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