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Stafix Static clear stickers - custom shape

Clean and easy to use  Printed on recyclable material  Vibrant colours • Durable • No glue

Classified a temporary use product ‘Stafix Static’ offers a new, incredibly versatile promotional medium. Holding a positive charge with an average of 3month life, when slid from its backing sheet the charged Stafix film will attach to almost any surface. This product can be safely applied to Cars, Windows, Papered Walls, Doors Buildings, even Fabrics and be removed without difficulty or causing damage.

Stafix Static custom shape is the same specification options as Stafix Static trimmed but these can be cut to bespoke shapes to follow product shape or features, using a cutting tool made from a supplied guide.

When supplying artwork, please read our artwork guide for assistance in setting up your artworks. Cutter guides MUST be set up to overprint as a spot colour. If you are unsure please contact us for guidance at  Alternatively, if you need help in creating a cutter guide, we may be able to create one for a small fee on a job by job basis.

When printing clear materials we invariably support colour imagery and text by printing white ink. The white ink is used to reduce transparency, giving colour a dense base against which it can be seen. Without supporting white, print colour areas would be translucent, rather like tinted glass.

The white is available in two deposit options termed either "Flood", as the name implies an overall print across the whole area, or "Selective", a patterned print designed to fit specific colour areas and as part of a design. Therefore, printing a white offers another potential level to your sticker.

If you require a size different to those listed, select a larger size which is big enough to fit your desired size into and state the ‘actual’ finished dimensions on your order.

When completing your order, please let us know if you would like:

  • Select or flood white
  • A bespoke finished size

If you require something bespoke or different quantities than those stated, please contact us on 01892 752 885.

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