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Stafix Grip clear stickers - square cut

No Adhesive Sticker • Clean and easy to use • Printed on Recyclable Material • Vibrant Light Fast Inks that last • Temporary stickers •

About our Clear Stafix Grip Stickers

Clear Stafix Grip is an adhesive-free sticker material that ‘clings’ to smooth surfaces and offers an alternative to conventional vinyl adhesive stickers. It uses a microcell silicon adhesive coating which leaves zero residues when removed.

The material consists of 2 layers. The front is the printed side and the reverse has a clear release liner which is removed leaving the silicon unprinted surface to apply to a smooth surface.

Uses for Stafix Grip

Stafix Grip is suited to short to long-term advertising. The grip material adheres for up to 12 months. It is ideal for short to long-term advertising or promotions, especially if the surface it is being applied to can not have any marks or residue left when removed. For example a car window or shop window promotion.

If you need the same material but in white, you can buy them here!

Please follow this link to see artwork requirements and information on placing your order.

All of these prices are to be trimmed square if you need a bespoke shape, different quantity, size please contact us on
01892 752 885 and we will submit a bespoke price.

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