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Plastic Stickers

White Vinyl Stickers

White Vinyl Stickers

• Vinyl Decals • Custom Shapes • Self Adhesive Stickers...

From £38.00

Clear Vinyl Stickers

Clear Vinyl Stickers

• Car Window Stickers • Custom Shapes • Window Stickers...

From £42.00

Window Cling Stickers example

Window Cling Stickers

• Car Window Clings • Custom Shapes • Window Stickers...

From £44.00

Face Mask Stickers example

Wear Face Mask Stickers

• Shop Window Stickers • Stay Safe Stickers • Window...


Plastic Stickers

Plastic Stickers

About Plastic Sticker Printing

The only limit is your design; just let us know which type of sticker you would like and we will print it!

We print a large array of different plastic stickers, All different shapes and sizes are available. There can be lots of decisions when purchasing your plastic stickers. We have compiled some basic options when placing the order, You can choose from which material you want, the finished size and the finished shape.

We can print on to white vinyl,  clear vinyl and we also have the option to print on to clear self-cling/static cling.

This material is like the old tax disc holders. It has no adhesive and clings to windows.

A clear plastic sticker is great for putting into shop or door windows to sell promotional items, open/closed signage or important messages.

A white plastic sticker could be used for brand promotion, signage or new products to name just a few ideas. You can stick these plastic stickers almost anywhere.

If you are unsure what type of sticker you require please send us a message on our contact form or call us 01892 752 885 to discuss.

We are always happy to help